The Jam Pantry

Let’s start off by saying that this place is absolutely adorable.

I’ve been here a bunch of times, and every time it’s been packed! If that isn’t a sign of a good cafe, I don’t know what is.

Straight off the bat, the staff at The Jam Pantry are absolutely gorgeous. They’re constantly smiling, they show you to your tables, make sure you have cutlery and water, and check up on you regularly throughout your meal. They’re happy to have a chat, cater to whatever you need, and are just generally super nice.

The place itself is adorable, with a wallpapered feature wall, matching tables and chairs, a wall of homemade jams for purchase, and a jumbo sized clock that sits on the wall above the doorway. It makes you feel at home, or even as if you are grandma’s old cottage kitchen. It’s busy, though, making it somewhat noisy and sometimes difficult to have a conversation. But it all adds to  you make do!

The coffee is great, and quick too. You can guarantee your coffee will come out shortly after ordering it. Using quality beans, and brewed to absolute perfection, the coffee is an experience in itself. And the mugs are great – particularly good to wrap your fingers around when it’s cold and rainy outside!

But oh the food! Although a little pricey, you definitely get what you pay for - high quality, locally sourced food, combined extraordinarily to produce dishes you couldn't even dream of. If you are one who likes to try foods you can’t pronounce, fruits you’ve never heard of, and combinations that seem crazy, The Jam Pantry is absolutely perfect. As someone who eats a heck of a lot of food, I really enjoy seeing what crazy combinations The Jam Pantry come up with each time ‘the board flips’. On the far wall, there are a bunch of blackboards with the weekly menus drawn up in chalk. These change regularly, which means no two visits are ever alike! There’s sweet and savoury, and range in size and meals, so there really is something for everyone.

It’s safe to safe, The Jam Pantry is a winner on every level. Absolutely worth every penny.

Open Tuesday to Friday from 7am to 2.30pm (kitchen closes at 2pm)