We are Gabbi J Enterprises - Social Media Experts, Content Creators, Writers, Strategists, and Community Builders. 

Ultimately, the purpose of Gabbi J Enterprises is to bring together a number of things that we love. We love writing, we love food, we love people, we love learning, we love stories, we love small businesses, we love discovering what people have created and why, and we love that we have so many opportunities to continue to explore all of these, both locally and internationally!

Gabbi J Digital exists because start ups, small businesses, and company managers simply don't have the time to invest in, manage, and focus on their social media. Social media is such an imperative element of businesses, and needs quality time and expertise dedicated to it to ensure it is used to it's full extent. We exist because we can do that for you. 


Meet the Gabbi J Digital Team

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With years of social media management under her belt, Gabbi knows the tickings of Instagram like, well, it's her job! She goes in search for earrings, ceramics, and basically anything that is labelled with 'Made in Brisbane', and loves scouting local markets to expand her network of amazing local businesses owners.
In her spare time, you'll find her sipping on an almond milk latte at a cafe in suburbia Brisbane, or taking an  insta-shot of the skyline from a rooftop bar.  

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