Heya Bar

There's nothing like the dingy staircase leading to a dimly lit bar that houses some of the best pan-asian bar food that your tastebuds will ever experience. Cue; Heya Bar. 

Heya Bar is the South-East Asian inspired street food bar, nestled under the bustling Brunswick Street. It's home to cozy corners, competitive pool tables and pin ball machines, and some of the best darn cocktails you'll ever have! 

Although easy to miss, despite the neon sign pointing to the stairs, this one bar is one you really do not want to walk past. You see, you're greeted at the foot of the stairs by a casual waiter who will usher you to your seat, and ensure you have a menu, chopsticks, and a bottle of water on your candle-lit table. After marvelling at the menu of delicious dumplings and cheeseburger spring rolls, you're then encouraged to head to the bar to order from the always talkative bartenders! 

Get comfy in your booth again, and wait for a short amount of time before bamboo bowls of goodness are brought out to you. With everything from fries and cheeseburger springrolls (yes, it literally has the contents of a cheeseburger), to prawn and pork dumplings and karaage chicken, there's something for everyone, and no matter what you get I promise you it'll be good! 

My personal favourite was the fries and the chicken. With the perfect amount of spice to it, they are both a great fusion of Asian and western delicacies, and well worth the trip. If you're more of a dumpling person though, all theirs definitely wont disappoint!

When it comes to drinks, you can't go past the alcoholic bubble tea. Again, that fusion is one that is completely genius. 



Ps. Happy Hour finishes at 6. 

Pps. The whole menu is half price on Tuesdays. 

If this hasn't convinced you to check it out yet, I don't know what will.