Morning After

I recently read that Morning After was unofficially named the most beautiful cafe in Brisbane, and you know what? I cannot disagree! I've been a number of times, and I haven't been disappointed yet. My most recent visit was with a couple of friends for brunch, and the worst part was having to decide on one thing to eat! 

There's a good reason this place is beautiful in all its glory. It's like having a seat in your Greek grandma's garden, or taking part in a cute indoor garden party. With patches of grass, outdoor-esque seating arrangements, a communal table down the centre, and 'morning after.' in neon lights along the tiled wall, it's no wonder you can feel completely at home here. 

We were greeted by a friendly waiter who happily looked after us from the moment we entered to when we finally decided to head home. Starting us off with drinks, he happily took our orders while making conversation about our days and the menu. 

The range of drinks was enough to stump you alone, with enough options to impress even the biggest coffee connoisseur. Dark roast, light roast, pour over, cold drip etc etc etc the choice is yours. 

So let's take a second to talk about the menu. Split up into 'Morning' (all day breakfast) and 'After' (lunch from 11:30), there's enough options to tickle anyones fancy, sweet or savoury, traditional or completely out of the ordinary. 

We struggled to decide, tossing up between pancakes, breakfast carbonara, tacos, risotto, and eggs Benedict. After some input from the ever-so-friendly waiter, we made our decisions, and were pleasantly impressed with our decisions. 

I got the eggs Benedict, and it was possibly the most perfect combination if I've ever had one! The eggs were perfectly poached and the toast, although slightly over cooked, was still deliciously coated in a pesto, and accompanied with delicious smoked salmon. 


The remarkable service kept coming, when our dishes were swept away, and we were offered an explanation of all the desserts that were available to us. Unfortunately we had to respectfully decline the sweet offer, but definitely put it on our list of things to do - come back for coffees and dessert. 

Morning After is an experience not to be missed, and one that can be had at any time on any day, not just the morning after!