Frenchy Unleased: Review

Frenchy Unleased: Review

Back for an encore show, comedian Frenchy graced the stage of The Old Brisbane Museum for Australia’s cleanest, most politically correct comedy show to date.

We’re joking – Frenchy is the antonym for clean and politically correct. But that doesn’t stop crowds lining up to attend his encore show following his sold out show at the Brisbane Comedy Festival earlier this year. 'Frenchy Unleashed' is, well, exactly the same show, and as inappropriately hilarious as ever.

With over 1.4 million followers on Facebook and more than 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, Ben ‘Frenchy’ French is a full time comedian, Tinderer, rapper, YouTuber and actor. 'Frenchy Unleashed' is his freshest hour of inappropriate banter and after taking it around Australia, New Zealand and the UK, he brought it back to the stages of Brisbane for a final, uncensored hurrah.

The potentially-Tinder-sponsored show (seriously, if the CEO of Tinder is reading this, get on to it) has the recipe for a high quality stand-up act: A great introduction that involves the crowd, relevant and trending topics and a killer one-liner that keeps recurring throughout the evening. However, maybe these don’t pan out the way one would expect in a traditional comedic act.

Opening the night with the ever-debated topic of breastfeeding in public, with a particular focus on those closest to him, Frenchy doesn’t take any time warming up. He continues his over-sharing of firsthand experiences, by delving into the dramas, dilemmas and delights of Tinder dating, identifying the importance of pick-up lines in the early stages of conversation and swiping right to girls who feed their dogs McDonald’s ice cream cones. Of course this leads to general relationship discussion (and everything associated with it), perfectly pinpointing the way decisions are made, the highs and lows, first dates and ‘how did you meet?’ stories (including multiple Tinder couples in the crowd) and how being in a relationship isn’t less fun, it’s just different fun.

The highly topical act touched on body image, the Kardashians (with a surprise appearance from Ketamine Thug - Frenchy’s rapping alter-ego), lip jobs, the most stereotypical professions in current society (think footballers, YouTubers and Instagram models), and finished with an exceptionally accurate summary of Australian culture, proving that Saturdays are, and should always be, ‘for the boys’.

Inappropriate at every level yet hilariously relatable and so very, very Australian, Frenchy works his extremely diverse crowd like no other. With cringe-worthy jokes that you just know you shouldn’t laugh at, to straight up side splitters, his comedy is incomparable, unpredictable, offensive and downright humorous gold. If you missed it, you missed out!


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