One of my favourite places in the world is at the gate of an airport. 

There's nothing like people-watching in an airport. The long goodbye hugs, the excited hello embraces, those who have made the airport floors their bed, and those who have opted for the bar instead. Everyone deals with flights differently, and everyone is on that flight for a different reason. 

As I write this, I’m sitting on an aeroplane and flying interstate. There’s lots of different people sitting around me. Couples, families, singles. All of them flying for a reason. Is it home? Is it a holiday? Business meeting? Stop over? A family gathering? How long will they be there for? Are they looking forward to it? Have they ever been on a plane before? All these questions will remain unanswered, and it astounds me. It astounds me that if we were to ask every person about why they are on that plane, every single answer would be different.

My Aunty swears by the "home or holiday" method when she flies. When there's about half an hour left of the flight, she asks the person next to her, 'Are you going home or on holiday?" and the conversation that sparks from that is sometimes uncanny. People travel for so many reasons, and it's fascinating when you get to find out why! 

I'm about to embark on the biggest adventure to date, and I hope you'll come with me. Read about my conversations, experiences, adventures, complications, and everything in between. I promise you, it may be a bumpy ride, but gosh it's gonna be worth it!

Adventure - Mt Beerburrum

Adventure - Mt Beerburrum