Hashtag Dos & Don'ts

Hashtag Dos & Don'ts


Hashtags are the make or break of every Instagram post your upload. It can mean the difference between tens of people seeing your content, and thousands. Unless you have a loyal and dedicated following (and even then!), hashtags will be your gateway to reach, engagement, and exposure, which ultimately means your gateway to an increased, and specified audience.

But how. do. you. do. it?

Let us walk you through exactly what types of hashtags you should be using, how many, how often, and what not to hashtag. By the end of this, you’ll be a flippin’ hashtag master!


What you’ll get:

  • A PDF document, highlighting what to hashtag, and what not to hashtag

  • An interactive mini-workshop, that will guide you through using, choosing, and finding hashtags, and show you how to use these for future engagement

  • Access to PDF versions of all elements that you can download and print out at your leisure