Success Stories

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Fountx_AsR is the brainchild of the CEO of TAE Aerospace, Andrew Sanderson, and CSIRO, when they saw an opportunity to develop a next generation alternative to video conferencing and the concept of real time interaction between individuals and teams. 

We worked with Fountx to develop a strong online presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, engaging with the community both online and in real life, and both in Australia and abroad. Going from very little online presence, to establishing a distinct and effective voice amongst the aviation community, we saw engagement rates sky-rocket throughout several of our campaigns.

“We were looking for someone we could trust to look after our social media while our small team concentrated on our core business activities. Gabbi J Digital has proven to be the perfect fit for us providing a one-stop-shop approach to managing our social media profile and engaging our growing online Facebook followers. Relying on Gabbi and her team’s experience, we developed a comprehensive strategy that fits with our values and guidelines, and I always look forward to learning from Gabbi’s proven expertise on social media and it’s wide reaching influence.”

Viva Travel Club

The travel agent with a difference, Viva Travel Club is your one-stop-shop for all things travel! Specialising in Bucket List adventures (Jump out of a plane in New Zealand, see the Northern Lights, swimming with Sharks, climb the Great Wall of China etc) and romantic trips of a lifetime (think elopement and destination weddings), these guys have you sorted.

Aspiring to standout from the other travel agents that saturate the online market, Viva Travel Club approached us in hope that we could turn around their social media strategy and increase their engagement and bookings through Facebook and Instagram. Since then, we’ve doubled their following, increased engagement by upwards of 60%, and reached an audience far wider than they’d ever seen before.

We really appreciate all that Gabbi J Digital does for us. They’re really good at managing our online presence - our social media has never been more vibrant, and their blogs are interesting and well written. Having them do that frees us up to do what we do best!

They are so easy to work, and they actually listen to what we need, which can be a rare occurrence!

 We love having them on our “team” and they are a vital part of our business”

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Walk Brisbane Tours

The only thing better than exploring a new city, is exploring a new city with the knowledge and guidance of a local! Walk Brisbane takes tourists (and locals!) for a stroll around Brisbane City, showcasing some of Brisbane’s best street art, taste-testing locally made coffee, exploring laneways, and telling the stories of how Brisbane became one of Australia’s best known cities.

Walk Brisbane lacked a social media strategy, and asked us to come on board for the whole kit-and-caboodle. We now take care of everything from strategy planning and reporting analytics, to full content creation (including social posts and blog posts). Since coming on board, we’ve seen an increase of 150% engagements on their Instagram content, and 50% increased reach across their Facebook, as well as establishing a solid and genuine following on both platforms.