Gabbi J Digital

I'm a digital strategist by trade

Basically, we do what we do best so you can concentrate on what you do best. We'll tackle the foreign online world, manage your social media accounts, and update your blogs, so you can focus on your photography, real estate, marketing, consultation, or whatever wonderful thing it is that you do. We know you don't have the time, so why not let the experts do it instead? 

Gabbi J Digital offers clients the flexibility to ask for what they need, whether it's a fresh social media strategy, or a complete Facebook face-lift! We can do one-off consultations, account management, social media strategies and analysis, Facebook/Instagram ad management, and everything in between (contact us for package details). And if we can't do it, we'll connect you with someone who can.

Check out our Digital Blog to get an insight into the online world, or check out some of the clients we're working with:



fountx is wearable assisted reality technology that will change the way you approach maintenance events. When you equip your technical teams with fountx you significantly boost their productivity and capability - and reduce your cost. The technology behind fountx was developed by CSIRO, the Australian research organisation that brought WiFi to the world.


Live Your Y

Live Your Y is a life coaching program for people of all ages, with the ultimate aim of helping them discover and live out their life's purpose, and be happy, healthy, wealthy and successful. 


Fizzy Pixel

Fizzy Pixel is a graphic design company who offers a month-to-month membership. Members pay a monthly flat rate and Fizzy Pixel will provide them with a dedicated graphic designer who they can chat with in real time and works everyday on your design requests in the order that you request them. 


South City Bulletin

South City Bulletin has been operating as a community and lifestyle print publication for several years, and has recently decided to add an online presence to it's current print offering. 



iNSPIRE is an extension of the iN Group by Annie Flamsteed. The program is designed to educate adolescent boys and girls about what it means to be healthy not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. It's all about linking multiple aspects of wellbeing together to create optimal health. 


Creative Industries Network

The Creative Industries Network was an initiative of the Creative Industries faculty at QUT. The society exists to connect Creative Industries students with industry professionals through networking events, as well as equip them with skills and knowledge to help them excel as a creative professional.