Coffee + Consultation



Not sure where to start?

Facebook's tricky sometimes. What should I post? How often? To who? Why? How much should I pay, if at all? There's so much happening all the time that quite often it gets really, really overwhelming, and it's so easy to just leave it for another time. 

Not any more!

Here's a deal - let us buy you coffee, and we'll chat about your social platforms. Got questions about how to market to a more specific audience? Need help blogging? Want to know how to make a killer colour scheme on Instagram? We can cover all of that! :) 

Let's make a date!

You're ready to roll, you're in need of a good coffee, and you're keen to start making things happen on your social platforms! Let us know who you are, and tell us when you're free to get that coffee and we'll go from there!

Find out more

Who is Gabbi J Digital? What do we do? Why should you sit down with us to discuss what you post on Facebook? 
Funny you should ask - you can find out all about us right here, so you know exactly what you're in for!