Rainy Days

With the summer slowly making it's way in for the season, rainy days are inevitable. That means plans are dampened (by the rain or humidity...) and spirits are grey, particularly when it decides to rain on your weekend, or the one afternoon when the kids have decided to be civil towards each other. Rather than the standard, "let’s just go and see a movie” response to the downpour, we’ve put together a list of 10 things you can do to make the most of the rainy weather.


1. Movie Marathon

Pull out the trilogy you’ve been meaning to watch, pop some popcorn, binge on some of your favourite chocolate, and settle in for an afternoon snuggled underneath your biggest blankets with your closest friends.

2. Logan Art Gallery

The Logan Art Gallery is always full of new and exciting exhibits, which we often overlook as locals! Check out the current exhibit, OmiLee: Seasons May Change - a collection of art that watches the changes of seasons from Lee’s own window.

3. Bake a cake

Gather your kids, friends, or significant other, and spend an afternoon creating sweet masterpieces! Dig up your grandma’s tried-and-tested vanilla slice, or google a fail-proof chocolate cake recipe. Take it to another level by throwing a rainy day tea party with your delicious baked treats!

4. Boardgames

We all have a cupboard of boardgames that we never play anymore, so now’s a better time than ever to dust them off! It’s all fun and games until Monopoly get suggested...

5. Play pool

A number of billiards and pool halls offer high quality pool tables to battle your closest buds, and declare your dominance as the pool master! Garaunteed afternoon full of ‘friendly’ competition.

6. Take a yoga class

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to skip out of your cardio session for the day! Head to your local gym and give a new class a go! Try a spin class to get your heart rate up, or if you really want a relaxing afternoon, look into a yoga class instead.

7. Have a bath/pamper session

Use the rain as an excuse to relax and pamper yourself! Run the bath, relax with some essential oils, play some calming music, and put a face mask on. Your body needs some rejuvenation just as much as everything else does, and a rainy day is the perfect excuse to do so.

8. Read a book/Write letters

With the rain softly pattering on your roof and against your window, the serenity often urges people to pull out the pile of books that they’ve been meaning to read for as long as they can remember. Take the opportunity, when you have nothing else you need to do, to start on that pile. Better yet, why not bring out the letter writing paper and a pen and write to your grandparents/elderly relatives who are aching to hear from you. Handwritten letters aren’t dead year!

9. Museum/Get educated (Sciencentre)

Get the kids out and educated at one of the many museums and science centres around Brisbane! Check out the Gallery of Modern ArtLogan City Historical Museum, or the Queensland Sciencentre, and learn all about the history of everything you’ve ever wanted to know!

10. SkyZone

If you fancy some accidentally exercise, flukey fitness, and sneaky sweat, SkyZone has all that to offer and so much more. There’s nothing better than brightening up a grey day with some bouncing around in a room full of trampolines!

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