Piggy Back Cafe

Like a big open lounge room with 30 of your closest friends, Piggy Back Cafe welcomes you in like a long-lost family member! 

Being greeted at the door by multiple smiling faces, you're ushered to your seat (whether that be the long lounge against the front wall, or one of the intimate two-seater settings scattered across the room), and then given one of their beautiful menus. Take a moment to truly enjoy and appreciate the small but amazing menu they have to offer - all day breakfast and a whole section just for acai bowls! But please also take a second to look out the front counter - much to my dismay I missed this vital detail, where they offered cakes and breads in the cabinet, as well as they're special coffee/acai bowl of the day. Don't make the same mistake. 

They're coffee is amazing. That's just they're regular cup-a-joe. Amazing. BUT delve a little deeper and you can experience what this quaint little nook is famous for - rainbow lattes and unicorn hot chocolates! Your Instagram will thank you. 


If you thought choosing a coffee was hard, good luck with choosing your meal! 

We decided on the original acai bowl and pancakes, both much bigger and much better than we had ever imagined. The acai bowl was beautifully decorated with a rainbow of fruits and topped with delicate edible flowers. The pancakes were these huge pillows of chocolate sweetness, topped with honeycomb pieces and blueberries and sprinkled with brownie bits. Too much chocolate for breakfast? I don't think so! 

My goodness, it was delicious - all of it! It ticks all of the boxes - atmosphere, service, menu, and coffee. 10 out of 10 would recommend to anyone in or near the area, and everyone else who would be keen to take a worthwhile drive.