What to do what Instagram goes down📱

What to do what Instagram goes down📱

This morning we woke up to the horrific reality that Instagram was not working. Oh, how our morning routines were disrupted! What else were we supposed to do while drinking our coffee, on the bus on the way into work, to try and kill time at our desk, or to show the world what our breakfast looked like this morning?!

Instagram Crash

Seeing as this is the second (quite possibly third…) time this year we’ve experienced the outage, we can only expect it to happen again. So, as a favour to you (and as a way for us to be busy while waiting for it to come back online), here’s 5 things you can do when Instagram crashes!

  • Read a book. In a world of listicals and podcasts, reading is becoming more and more scarce. That’s not to say we don’t have at least 10 books on our desk at any given time, as well as a bookshelf in the office! Books are a great way to learn something new, escape reality, or get a better understanding of different situations. If you need some recommendations from books we’re currently reading, here they are:

    1. Girl, Stop Apologising - Rachel Hollis. After we read and loved her first book (Girl, Wash Your Face, also a must read), we simply couldn’t NOT go and get her next book as soon as it came out!

    2. Daring & Disruptive - Lisa Messenger. Lisa is another one of those people who we will go out and buy any new book she releases. They’re insightful, encouraging, and a really good, easy read for girls on the go, with heaps of tips and information packed in!

    3. Stark Naked Numbers - Jason Andrew. We know there’s a ton of podcasts out there about managing your business’s finances, but Jason has a way of breaking it down in such a way that it’s understandable, doable, and not intimidating! Would highly recommend for anyone running their own business and isn’t sure on how to manage their money $$$

    4. The Book Thief - Markus Zusak. You can’t have a pile of books without a good fiction novel in there. How else are you supposed to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Not to say that The Book Thief is our absolute favourite, but it’s definitely in the top 5. What can you not love about a WWII historical fiction story about a girl who steals and reads books?

  • Get coffee and observe. We often challenge ourselves to go buy ourselves a coffee, but often end up being so engrossed in social media that we don’t enjoy the experience of sipping a latte and people-watching, which is one of life’s greatest pleasures! While Instagram is down, why not put your phone away, order your fav cup of coffee, and enjoy seeing what people are wearing, who they’re with, imagining conversations they’re having, and admiring people as they walk past the cafe? It’s a fun little exercise, we promise.


  • Actually get some work done. We know that in the Great Facebook Crash of 2019, we got so. much. work. done. With Facebook and Instagram out of action for almost 12 hours, we had all the time in the world to focus on creating new content, reimagining our website a little, putting together some blogs, sending out some emails, fixing up our invoicing process, and the list goes on! Why not start ticking off some things on your to-do list that you’ve been putting off since February?

  • Go for a walk. Or a run. Or go outside and do some yoga. Or hang some washing out. Studies show that getting outside increases your creativity, reduces your stress, helps your metabolism, and decreases your blood pressure, all of which could completely change the course of your day! We know that when we have a creative block, or feel a bit of brain fog come on, a walk or run often helps to clear it! So why not do it while you can’t access Instagram (to procrastinate) at the moment?  

  • Take the morning off. Sometimes it’s not ideal, you might have a todo list that is getting longer and longer, but sometimes your body just might need it. Consider Instagram’s crash the push you need to do a bit of self care (when was the last time you read a book without looking at your phone next to you every time it goes off?) because your business needs you to be healthy and looked after in order for you to work to your full potential, and deliver top quality stuff for your customers! And sometimes that just means a morning (or day - leave that up to Zuck!) away from the socials, spending time on yourself and those you love.

What else do you do when Instagram is down? Let us know over on our Instagram page!

Multi-tasking is Impossible

Multi-tasking is Impossible