We are Gabbi J Enterprises - writers, digital strategists, and social media experts.

Gabbi J Enterprises is made up of two components: Gabbi J Digital and Gabbi J Blogs.

Gabbi J Digital exists because start ups, small businesses, and company managers simply don't have the time to invest in, manage, and focus on their social media. Social media is such an imperative element of businesses, and needs quality time and expertise dedicated to it to ensure it is used to it's full extent. We exist because we can do that for you. 

Gabbi J Blogs is a passion project. Writing about small businesses is almost as exciting as working for them, so expect laneway and off the beaten track cafes, family-owned restaurants, and low key breweries. We believe that every business, meal, and interaction has a story, and we want to be the ones that tell those stories. There's also plenty of lifestyle articles that have been featured in other publications, as well as dedicated digital pieces, bringing to light the answers that we've all wanted at some point. There's something for everyone, so it's definitely worth checking out!

Ultimately, the purpose of Gabbi J Enterprises is to bring together a number of things that we love. We love writing, we love food, we love people, we love stories, we love small businesses, we love discovering what people have created and why, and we love that we have so many opportunities to continue to explore all of these, not only in Brisbane, but around the world.

So welcome. We hope you enjoy learning, tasting, seeing, hearing, and being involved with this community of stories and discoveries :) x