Let me introduce myself - I'm Gabbi J.

I'm a Brisbane-based world explorer, writer, dreamer, strategist, doer, cook, runner, adventurer. I've always had a passion for writing, which has seen me write for a range of Australian publications including The Urban List, Scenstr, Bella Rae, and South City Bulletin. These experiences allowed me to explore the world of online platforms, and thus develop a love for online content and strategies, which began Gabbi J Digital, and thus defined me as a professional Digital Strategist. 

Ultimately, the purpose of Gabbi J Enterprises is to bring together a number of things that I love. I love writing, I love food, I love people, I love stories, I love small businesses, I love secret hideaways and 'off the beaten track' eateries, I love discovering what people have created and why, and I love that I have so many opportunities to continue to explore all of these, not only in Brisbane, but around the world.

So welcome. I hope you enjoy learning, tasting, seeing, hearing, and being involved with this community of stories and discoveries :) x